2015 IPF workshop materials

You can apply for the 2015 Illinois Press Foundation workshop by clicking here for the application form and here for an information form. You can also contact the workshop’s director, EIU journalism professor Joe Gisondi, by sending a note to jjgisondi@eiu.edu or by calling 217-581-6003. We look forward to hearing from you.

Illinois Reporter shows off students’ work

Cover to the 2013 edition of Illinois Reporter.

Here’s the cover to the 2013 edition of Illinois Reporter.

Students published a 16-page print edition this afternoon, which included stories from internships at regional newspapers across central Illinois and profiles on one another, to cap off 13 days of intense reporting, photography and fun. You can read these stories, and dozens of others they reported, by going to the workshop’s news website, Illinois Reporter.

Students worked with more than 30 professional journalists during their stay here at Eastern Illinois University. They also reported on stories during three-day internships at the (Decatur) Herald & Review, (Champaign) News-Gazette, (Robinson) Daily News, Effingham Daily News, Mattoon Journal-Gazette & Charleston Times-Courier, and (Taylorville) Breeze-Courier.

We’ll post a revised description and next year’s application forms during the next several weeks. Deadline is typically set for early May.

Enjoy the stories.

And consider applying for next year’s workshop.

Production Day One

Today Greg Bilbrey gave a lesson on design and Colin McAuliffe and Audrey Sawyer taught photo. Then students designed their first paper with stories form their Tuscola trip with the help of lead designer Nora Maberry, Amanda Bright, Nike Ogunbodede and Seth Schroeder. Tom Roberts gave a lesson on press production, and the students saw their first issue of In Our Views come off the press at 5 p.m.

De Robinson and Scott Wietrzykowski lead the early-morning newspaper discussion, picking up where instructor Lisa Green left off. Later, De illustrated symbols form Tuscola for original art on Page One, while Scott and Kristen Gisondi wrote the introduction.

Greg Bilbrey works with Cameron Thomas and Diana Lopez to design page 3.

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